Sandra Parrott

  I have been interested in the creative process all my life, color, pattern, textures,
excite me. Over the past 35 years I have worked in many mediums: stained glass,
photography, printmaking,watercolor, acrylic, collage, mixed media, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry and assemblage. In addition to taking workshops and classes in all of these mediums, I have taught watercolor, acrylic painting and collage.

These various arts are not separate things, they all relate to each other. Studying photography is a great way to train the eye to see composition and value. Watercolor and stained glass are very much about the relationships of value, light and color. My latest passion, these last few years, is fiber art. Working with collage for many years especially prepared me for quilting. My fiber art consists of a fabric collage top(the pieced layer), batting and backing. The quilting process adds pattern and texture. I often finish
off with embellishments, metallic threads, beads, embroidery, and found objects.

While I usually start with a plan, I enjoy letting the work unfold as it will. Often I end up with a very different product than what I had originally visualized. While working I may look in the mirror for a reverse image and see patterns I had missed. Sometimes a fragment will fall to an unexpected spot and work better there. I'll accidentally lay on a part, upside down or backwards and it will be an improvement. A dialogue evolves between the piece and the maker that makes the work richer and more exciting than it would have been with a rigid plan. The fun is in not knowing quite how it will all turn out.